5 tips for taking better photos of your kids

Updated: May 17, 2020

Ever find yourself wanting to freeze moments with your children? OK not freeze TIME per say (the days are long enough!), but to capture specific moments - like a mental snapshot of a specific moment so you can remember it forever.   Thankfully, you can.  Now with the help of modern technology, almost everyone has access to a smartphone or basic digital camera.  You may not be a photographer and have the fanciest camera or editing equipment, but I can give you a few tips to make your photos look professional and without much stress, all while adding some memorable moments to your instagram or to have as memories for years to come.  Sound good?  Here are some tips to take better photos at home with your kids.

1. Find the best lighting in your home.  If you have a backyard, make the most of it!   Choose a time where the sun is low in the sky or use shade so there’s no harsh light.  If you don’t have a backyard, use the room with the best window light. Place your child near the window for the best light. 

2. Declutter your background - The biggest advice I tell my clients for in home sessions is to ‘declutter.’   This doesn’t mean your place has to be spotless, but anything you don’t want in the photos should be put away or in another room. Often times, I’ll take a photo and say ‘UGH!  I wish that laundry basket wasn’t in the background!’  Of course style plays into consideration here - if you’re into super realism and documenting everyday life, you may want to keep everything as is.    Put your child IN the laundry basket!   It might be a great photo!  

3. Don’t say ‘SMILE!”    I know it’s instinct, but nothing gets the worst fake smile better than saying these two words ‘SAY CHEESE!”   If you want a genuine smile you have to create a genuine laugh.  That means make your kid laugh!   Use hand puppets!  For younger children, try Peek-A-Boo!   I often hide behind furniture or a tree and then pop out and say something silly and then quickly snap the shot of the natural laugh.  With older children try silly faces, singing badly, even fart noises…   Think about what makes your child laugh, and right before you take the photo, do that thing!   Or have your partner do it right behind you.

4. Set the scene.  Sometimes just a little prep can do wonders - set up some paint in front of a window where you get beautiful light. Make a mud puddle in the backyard, then sit back and get ready to capture some beautiful moments. 

5. Don’t expect perfection.  Finally, know that things may not go as planned.  That’s just LIFE  when you’re living with kids.  I try to plan an activity or a photo-session, and often it does not go as planned, and I just go with the flow.  Sometimes I’ll get lucky and capture a unique moment that I didn’t expect, and one I love even more than what I had planned. Sometimes capturing real moments means you have to wait for them to happen instead of creating them. Follow your child’s lead and capture those real moments of them exploring and discovering.  You might snap a photo you’ll treasure for years to come. 

Meg Rybicki is a New York based photographer and mom specializing in lifestyle portraits of children, babies, and families. To learn how to take better photos of your kids sign up for a group or 1 on 1 MOMTOG class - email Megrybickiphoto@gmail.com  To see more of her work visit megrybickiphotography.com.


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