Hotsy-Totsy Baby

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Born two weeks early, this sweet baby named Thomas was one of my favorite little ones to photograph, partly because his parents are old theatre friends of mine (we performed Les Miserables together in Brooklyn). DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING!

Why the title 'Hotsy-Totsy'?  Karen and Byron (AKA mom and dad) had a 1920's themed wedding last October. Yes you read that right, these kids are NEWLYWEDS! #honeymoonbaby.  I was SO excited to photograph their new family member and super excited to share some of my favorite photos with you.

Oh I can't wait to see how this jazzy baby grows up - We can't say for sure he will have his  parents' talents, but we know he's sure to have STYLE. #hotsytotsybaby

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Meg Rybicki - Photographer - NYC