Personal Branding - Why it's so important for your business

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

As I sit here tweaking my own website, I constantly look for areas where my brand is not consistent. What does that mean? When people visit your website they should get an immediate feeling. It's your first impression - and first impressions matter.

People crave connections with other people.  No longer are we content to simply give our money to the lowest priced competitor.  We want to know the person behind the products and services we invest in.  Savvy business owners recognize the power of connection in their marketing efforts and have turned to savvy photographers to help build their brand.

Sheavonne is a long-term client of mine (we first worked together when she was pregnant with her daughter many years ago). She recently emailed me looking to re-brand her event planning website and social media. She puts together events and weddings and wanted a feminine look with an urban feeling since she is based out of Brooklyn. We found the perfect studio in Astoria that has a permanent flower wall and stunning natural light. I love the way her images turned out.

High-quality images for use on social media or in marketing efforts helps a business owner tell her unique story.  Personal branding images convey personality and warmth and help build a connection between the business owner and the audience.  Finally, imagery helps build a brand and position the business as authentic and honest.

Professional photographs also convey a sense of trust and investment in the business.  Honestly, how inclined would you be to trust someone who’s branding consists of cell phone photos in their bathroom?  Quirky images and everyday cell snaps have a place.  But a high-level brand needs high-level photography!

Colleen is a nutritionist who often works from home and talks to her clients through Zoom. She wanted a relaxed branding session in her home that reflected healthy eating so we photographed her making a smoothie in her kitchen. The photos are simple but consistent with her brand and help clients feel a connection with her.

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