Sometimes I have sessions that leave me pinching myself saying 'Is this really my job?' because it's just too much fun and I leave the session feeling like I found a new friend and kindred spirit. This session was one of those.

Walking into her warm intimate home with gorgeous light, Kelly welcomed me with open arms and I was able to meet the rest of her family including adorable big brother to Graham, and Kelly's husband and we all quickly hit it off. I had met Kelly before at various events throughout the city and knew her as the co-founder of MOM LEAGUE - an amazing community for moms to enhance the new mom experience .

Kelly's inspiration for founding Mom League was something that hit home with my own motherhood journey. Along with co-founder Annie Chambers, they were both new moms in a new city (Kelly recently relocated from Chicago) and both struggled finding their 'village' and longed for more support and a sense of community. Mom League was born out of the desire to make motherhood the best phase of life by providing moms with information through classes and guest speakers, local resources to support motherhood and a strong community that will help moms thrive. 

As a recent transplant from New York, I also felt that longing to find my mom-tribe. It can be a journey, but I find it's so important especially for mental health to find a group that you can chat with and feel a sense of camaraderie. I was so honored to not only capture Kelly's newborn session, but also connect with a new mom-friend in the area!

It's always luck of the draw with older siblings to see if they will be interested in the new baby or stand-offish. Luckily it took no time at all for big bro to join in the snuggles with baby Graham. I took the opportunity to give big bro some prompts like 'Who do you think has bigger feet? You or Graham?' which made for some adorable interactions.

To learn more about Mom League and upcoming classes and playgroups visit their website or follow them on instagram!

Meg Rybicki is a newborn, motherhood and family photographer based in the North Carolina Triad