MY TOP TIPS - What to wear for Spring Sessions

Getting ready for a family photo session can be stressful. Thinking about hair, makeup, clothing, location, transportation, snacks and your kids naps can be a LOT to handle. As a busy mom, I KNOW how hard it can be to coordinate schedules and outfits ( it is NOT easy!) . One of my jobs as your photographer is to help ease some of these stresses for you. Not only can I help you arrange for professional hair and makeup on the day of your session, I always like to send out a handy dandy prep guide to each of my families to help them prepare for their session. This prep guide includes tips on specifics about the location, wardrobe suggestions, and even how to prepare your kids for the session so everyone is happy!

One of the most frequent questions I get before a session is 'WHAT DO WE WEAR?"

Here's a few tips from my much beloved Spring Session Guide that I send out to all my families.

1.Simple is best

Clothing with patterns and words can be cute when taking snapshots for fun, but both words and patterns can sometimes be distracting to the most important part of the photo- YOUR FACES!  I always recommend solid colors, or a very subtle patterned outfit. Patterns in clothing can be a great addition to your photos but only if kept to a minimum.  ( If one person has a pattern, the others should be wearing more solid colors).

Examples of patterns that work for Spring: Florals, checkered dresses or button downs, subtle stripe, gingham.

2. Choose a color story

Going through your closets can give you a sense of what colors you have in common. Most people have a few neutral color options in their closet (grey, white, creme, beige, tan, or denim blue). This can be the start of a color story. Add in one other color and you have a basis for your wardrobe. Shades of color can usually work together like this example of different purple shades with tan as a neutral.

3.comfort is key

In general, you'll want to pick an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable. If it doesn't fit right, you may be stuck adjusting straps etc, and you'll be self conscious for the photos so make sure you feel good in whatever you choose to wear. Most couples go with 'casual comfort plus one'.  As if you were going out to brunch at a nice restaurant or a Spring wedding.

Dresses are usually flattering for women, but if you're not comfortable in a dress,  Rompers, jumpers, nice pants and a blouse, or even jeans and a T-shirt can work when you pair it with accessories like a scarf or hat.   Kids need to be comfortable too so they can run and play!

4.Choose outfits from one store

Many stores have made it easier on families looking to coordinate their outfits. Old Navy, Zara, Morning Lavender, and Ivy City Co are a few clothing companies that already offer coordinated outfits for both littles and adults. Even if you don't choose the matching outfit, shopping at the same store will ensure your family has the same 'VIBE' and you all will look more put together.

5.When in doubt, choose neutral colors and pastels for Spring.

Most Spring flowers come in shades of blue, yellow and pink. This is why I recommend pastels and neutrals for Spring. Save the bright red and jewel tones for the Fall or Winter. Luckily, stores know this, and most of what you'll encounter in children stores at this time of year are lighter colors. When in doubt, neutral colors like tan, creme, white are usually perfect for that light and airy Spring feeling and are flattering on most everyone.

My Favorite Shops

Monica + Andy

Alex and Nova


Elegant Baby



Jack and Janie

Old Navy

Ivy & Co

Morning Lavender

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