Summer Session Wardrobe tips

When considering an outdoor photo session in the summer months, you may come across a bit of a conundrum - it’s likely to be hot & humid, and you want to make sure you look presentable for the time that you’ll be outside!

Enter the answer: this blog post! I’ve compiled a list of the most pertinent “do’s” and “don’ts” pertaining to outfit choice for photo sessions that take place in summer weather.


  • Dresses - ladies, this one is for you! Dresses, short or long, are a great way to stay cool during your summer session. Extra airflow is always a good thing!
  • Light pants / trousers instead of jeans - This is especially for the guys. Consider khaki or linen pants and a polo or short sleeve button up shirt as your summer wardrobe. Jeans may leave your photos looking heavy and hot. A long sleeve button down can work if it's lightweight and works with the location. Slightly rolling your sleeves will make the look a bit less formal if that is the vibe you're going for.
  • Flowy, breathable fabrics - the type of fabric you choose for your photo outfits is so important in the summer time! Linen, cotton, chiffon, chambray are all great choices.
  • Light colored clothing - light colors reflect light, so choosing light colored clothing will help you beat the heat and stay a little bit cooler throughout your session! You also are less likely to see pit stains!)
  • An outfit change -It's always a good idea to have a backup for the kiddos in case of snack stains or if they fall down, but consider an outfit change for yourself if you booked a full session. If your first outfit gets super sweaty mid-photo session, you can always change into a second outfit!
  • Summer themed props & accessories - How about a cute sunhat? A cold beverage? A picnic basket and blanket? A bouquet of fresh flowers? Even a parasol can be an adorable addition to a summer session!


  • Dark colored fabrics - dark fabrics will drawn in the heat and make you warmer faster!
  • Heavy fabrics - heavy fabrics, including denim, corduroy, and suede can feel heavy and are usually a bit too insulated for a comfortable summer photo session (if you want to wear jeans, you could always plan for them to be your second outfit for a sunset-timed photo session, when things are a little bit cooler!)
  • Too many layers - summer is not a time to wear lots of layers. Keep anything you wear light and simple!
  • Tight clothing - Tight, uncomfortable clothing is going to make you more hot. Stick to loose fitting fabrics and clothing that feels comfortable!

Depending on the location and the vibe, you'll either want to look more casual or more formal - You'll want to look like you belong in the location we've chosen. If we are shooting at the beach, for example, you don't want to wear high heels and a big gown, instead opt for a light midi dress or romper or a shirt dress and sandals/ bare feet. Family outfits should coordinate colors but not be matchy-matchy. Stick with a similar color scheme and it will be perfect!

Did you know? I offer a personal styling service where I will find your outfits for you! - Saving you the hassle of having to search for hours for the perfect outfits! When booking your session, simply let me know that you'd like me to style your family and send me your specific sizes. It's as simple as that!

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